News Release: IntraGrain launches fuel monitoring solution in Ontario

Regina, Sask.— IntraGrain Technologies Inc. has launched its innovative Fuel Lock™ solution in Ontario, helping the province’s farming, transportation and construction business owners use smart technology to monitor and control their fuel tank access.

In 2018, IntraGrain, a Regina-based AgTech solutions provider owned by Calian Group Ltd., expanded its product offering to include Fuel Lock™ — a device that controls fuel tank access with a keypad. Using a PIN system and smartphone app, producers and business owners can track fuel consumption by employee. The system also monitors tank levels and automatically requests refills from the fuel provider as needed.

“Sometimes authorized people take unauthorized amounts of fuel,” said Chuck McConnell, IntraGrain’s Business Development Director. “We’ve had managers contact us to check their records because of an unexpected notification of a fill up. In fact, they were discovering internal theft in real-time. With Fuel Lock™ they have a smart tool to change PINs or end access, and manage the situation.”

IntraGrain offers smart technologies to protect farm assets such as grain and fuel and is now expanding from its western Canadian base to Ontario. Offering a grain storage monitoring system and a fuel tank monitoring device, IntraGrain products incorporate mobile app communications so agricultural producers can stay connected to their farms.

“Between grain in the bins and fuel in the storage tank, there is a lot of value lying around farms,” said McConnell. “When a grain bin’s content is lost to spoilage, that can mean the producer is out of pocket for hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Responding to this challenge, IntraGrain introduced BIN-SENSE® in 2011 – an innovative grain bin monitoring solution that alerts producers to the risk of spoilage caused by heat and moisture. The product gained traction quickly in Western Canada as the first of its kind to incorporate smart technology.

September 10-12, IntraGrain is showcasing its technology solutions at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ont. The company will be promoting Fuel Lock™, which is now available for sale online, while also seeking to establish a dealer network in Ontario.

“For decades, Western Canada has led the world in grain storage monitoring technology,” said McConnell. “Ontario has productive farmland and we’re here to help maximize the value of producers’ assets.”


For media inquiries, please contact:

Chuck McConnell
Business Development Director
IntraGrain Technologies Inc.
Phone: 780-619-9467
Email: [email protected]

Intragrain Technologies inc. and North Star Systems inc. Announce Strategic Business Relationship With Solutions for the Fuel Industry

July 16th, 2018- Regina, SK and Saskatoon, SK- What if fuel tanks never went empty?

IntraGrain Technologies and North Star Systems will use their asset intelligence solutions combining real-time fuel monitoring and tank level monitoring to bring automatic fuel ordering capabilities and logistics to consumers.

Under this new business relationship, Fuel Lock™ and Tattle Systems products will provide a joint solution for consumers seeking fuel security, employee management, and tank level monitoring. This information can be shared with fuel providers allowing them to view tank levels and dispatch trucks accordingly. Securing assets such as fuel will have an increasingly important role in helping farmers, retailers and distributors enhance efficiencies and profitability in their operations.

Both Fuel Lock™ and Tattle Systems will be on display at the 2018 Ag in Motion Outdoor Farm Expo Show in Saskatoon, SK at the IntraGrain Technologies booth. The joint product offering will be available in near future.

IntraGrain Technologies and North Star Systems look forward to growing their new business relationship, as their shared vision will provide advanced monitoring solutions, creating efficiencies for consumers and helping them to maximize their profit potential.

Curtis Kolibab, General Manager of North Star Systems“Bringing together technologies from both businesses to find ways to add value for our clients was a key reason why we chose to collaborate and expand our relationship with IntraGrain Technologies. We have a similar approach to business and culture within our companies which thrives on earning the business from the ground up.”

Curtis Kolibab, General Manager of North Star Systems

Kyle Folk, CEO and President of IntraGrain Technologies Inc.“It’s not very often that two companies have as many synergies as our organizations do. We are very excited about this new business relationship that will add significant value in both the customer and retailer space. Our ultimate goal is to create efficiencies for consumers, and in this case, we are able to do a better job of that by partnering with North Star Systems.”

Kyle Folk, CEO and President of IntraGrain Technologies Inc.

For more information, please contact:

Jen Pilsner
Chief Experience Officer
IntraGrain Technologies Inc.

Office: 306.570.7979
[email protected]

Kyle Bortis
Sales and Marketing Manager
North Star Systems Inc.
Cell: 306.260.4380
Office: 306.653.0189
[email protected]


Founded in 2011 and proudly rooted in Saskatchewan, IntraGrain is a family-owned business operating in Regina and is supported by dedicated, capable and caring employees. Growing from their core product- BIN-SENSE®, their mission is to provide producers and business owners with the most advanced monitoring systems so they can feel connected to their operations from anywhere in the world. Visit them at


North Star Systems Inc. Head Office is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. The company was established in 2015 by Aaron Serhan who spent 29 years owning a full service independent crop input dealership. North Star Systems is a hardware and software developer. Tattle Systems maximize use of new innovative IoT and M2M technologies. Our focus is real time controlled remote monitoring for various liquid tanks and pressure vessels. We also offer customized solutions such as GPS tracking and dry product monitoring. Our products offer customers the ability to efficiently manage their operations and logistics in a more cost effective, safe and sustainable way. Tattle Systems™ are manufactured in Saskatoon and the company currently does business in Canada and the United States. Learn more at www.Tattle.Systems

IntraGrain Acquires Fuel Lock Inc.

When IntraGrain president Kyle Folk said, “we don’t want to sit still”, he meant it.

This past year, speaking about his most recent accolade – No. 19 on the Deloitte 2017 Technology Fast 50™ – Kyle said “we want to continually develop innovative products. In order to do that we need to stay focused on R&D and continue to attract the best and the brightest individuals in the industry.”

It didn’t take long. Kyle and IntraGrain Technologies Inc. recently acquired Fuel Lock Inc., a company that developed Fuel Lock™, an automatic locking system for fuel tanks. The man behind the invention? Landon Fahlman, an electrician from Holdfast, SK. Landon came up with the concept in the summer of 2017, when discussing with his father an alternative to traditional fuel keys. “The goal for me was to create something that served a practical purpose,” says Landon, “I’m humbled and excited for the opportunity to work with IntraGrain. At the end of the day, we are both committed to increasing efficiencies for producers and businesses, so I think it’s a great fit.”

With the agriculture industry continuing to advance in the technological space, Fuel Lock™ is another tool to help producers understand what is happening within their operation. It will offer them a way to monitor who’s filling from their tanks, and when. According to Kyle, “this is another opportunity we have to help producers mitigate risk in a very risky line of business.”

IntraGrain has already designed, developed and manufactured a wireless grain storage monitoring system- BIN-SENSE®, which is the first of its’ kind in the world. While IntraGrain is leading change in the agricultural world, Fuel Lock™ will give them an opportunity to expand into the business and construction industries.

IntraGrain has recently made more room for expansion as they moved into their new office building in early 2018.

“Our growth is a testament to everyone involved,” Kyle said. It’s our partners and our employees that grind it out everyday. This growth wouldn’t be possible without everyone playing their part.”

IntraGrain – ABEX Awards

Grain in the bin doesn’t always equate to money in a farmer’s pocket.

Just ask Kyle Folk.

Kyle’s parents operate the family farm in rural Saskatchewan and years ago experienced a loss due to spoiled grain. They were unable to fill an order and, therefore, didn’t receive their payment for countless hours spent seeding and harvesting their crop.

“At the time, I was ignorant to the fact that grain could spoil. I just didn’t know,” Kyle explained. “Once I realized this, I was totally blown away that this was something that farmers experienced and had to accept.”

“They go through the effort all year playing the elements and the risks and so many uncontrollable factors and they finally get it in the bin. And to know that it could still go to waste was so frustrating.”

Kyle was inspired to found IntraGrain Technologies Inc, which has designed, developed and manufactured technology to prevent this type of loss. Canada has some of the best storage practices anywhere in the world, but the technology developed by IntraGrain takes it up another level.

BIN-SENSE® is the first of its kind in the world.  This technology is a wireless grain storage monitoring system that conveniently monitors stored grain and eliminates the risk of spoilage by alerting farmers to a change in temperature and/or moisture.

Over the past decade, farming has advanced exponentially thanks to technological innovation. From crop and irrigation monitoring to weather applications on wireless devices to GPS systems in various equipment, farming has gone new-age. BIN-SENSE® is another tool to advance agriculture.

“In time, every bin will be monitored,” said Kyle, who  had initially focussed on selling in Canada, but has now started supplying a number of other countries.

For this, IntraGrain received the ABEX Award for Innovation. Kyle and crew roared in approval when they heard their business name called at the event held in Saskatoon Oct. 21.

“It was a great moment for everyone when we heard IntraGrain’s name called because everyone plays a role in what we do,” Kyle said.

“But I think farmers are the true entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan. We’re grateful to be recognized for what we do – and even more so we are proud to provide a tool for farmers to help them work a little more efficiently. Without farmers, what would we have?”

This year, 82 ABEX nominations were received. From there, the field was narrowed to 50 finalists. At the event, 11 Saskatchewan businesses were named the winners of these business excellence awards.

“By striving for excellence, these winners personify business success in Saskatchewan,” the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce says in a new release about this year’s awards.

The ABEX award followed an honour Kyle received just two days prior at the EY Prairie Regional Entrepreneur Awards in Calgary where he was recognized as the top manufacturer. EY says the “Entrepreneur of the Year winners and finalists represent the world’s most influential, innovative and exclusive network of entrepreneurs.” Those who win are “outstanding Canadians who have turned their unique business vision into successful reality.”

IntraGrain – Ernst and Young Award

Kyle Folk was just thankful to be a nominee at this year’s awards banquet in Calgary.

Winning the EY award for the manufacturing category was a bonus – a big one for the president of IntraGrain Technologies Inc.

“It was definitely a proud moment and something that was very unexpected,” Folk said after returning home to Regina.

“I went there with zero expectations of hearing my name getting called and when it did, it was like a shockwave went through me. I wasn’t prepared at all.”

IntraGrain has designed, developed and manufactured a wireless grain storage monitoring system that conveniently monitors stored grain and eliminates the risk of spoilage by alerting farmers to a change in temperature.

BIN-SENSE® is the first of its kind in the world.  Canada has some of the best storage practices anywhere in the world, but the technology developed by IntraGrain takes it up another level.

The award from EY recognizes “outstanding Canadians who have turned their unique business vision into successful reality.” the “Entrepreneur of the Year winners and finalists represent the world’s most influential, innovative and exclusive network of entrepreneurs.”

“It’s incredible to just be a part of something like that, to be in a room with those people was an honour. And then after you hear your name called, everything was just a blur.”

With more than 1,200 innovators and marketers in attendance, Folk rubbed shoulders and shared in the company of some the brightest business minds in Western Canada.

Little did he know this memorable night would end with him sharing a stage with successful businesswoman and self-made millionaire Arlene Dickinson, who was recognized with a lifetime achievement award.

“How do you follow that?” Folk asked.

“It was just an incredible moment for me and for our company as a whole.”

“(The) successes I’ve had are not just about me, but they’re about the people around me. I don’t necessarily enjoy the individual accolades. This is a team effort.”

Folk is not the first Regina entrepreneur to win an award from Ernst and Young. earned global recognition this year when he was named the World’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Al-Katib is the founder of SaskCan Pulse and Alliance Grain Traders.

In late 2016, he was named Prairie Entrepreneur of the Year and later was bestowed the honour of Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year and World Entrepreneur of the Year. The Regina man built his company into a multi-billion dollar vertically-integrated international venture in only a decade.

EY describes Murad as “a shining example of accelerating growth with purpose.”

“This is definitely a proud moment for Saskatchewan,” Folk said of following in Al-Katib’s footsteps.

“It’s easy to get caught up in all of the negatives right now – the financial situation of our government, the oil industry, those kinds of things that dominate headlines – but here you can see a Saskatchewan company that is doing well and being recognized.”

“At the same time, our agriculture industry is noticed, which in my opinion gets overlooked a lot of the time.”

Folk, much like Al-Katib, is growing his business beyond Canada, though, his home country and province remain the primary focus. To make room for future growth, a new IntraGrain office is expected to be completed before the end of 2017.

IntraGrain – Canada’s Fast 50

IntraGrain – Canada’s Fast 50

The business world continues to heap praise on IntraGrain Technologies Inc.

The most recent accolade has the Regina-based company ranked No. 19 in the Deloitte 2017 Technology Fast 50 ™ program, a project conducted by accounting firm Deloitte to track growth among the country’s technology firms. It’s a ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing technology, media, and telecommunications companies with the highest percentage revenue growth over four years.

IntraGrain experienced growth of nearly 1,500 per cent over that span and was the only Saskatchewan company to crack the exclusive list, which was released Nov. 9.

The Deloitte 2017 Technology Fast 50™ program recognizes corporate leadership – firms that are classified as global leaders in their categories.

“Being No. 19 is an absolute honour,” said IntraGrain founder and president Kyle Folk. “Being anywhere in the top 50 is a great accomplishment. It’s a testament to everyone involved. It’s our partners and our employees that grind it out every day. This growth wouldn’t be possible without everyone playing their part.”

“There was a void in the market and we recognized it. The success can be attributed to a combination of our product, services and people. Our distributers and retailers have done a great job marketing our products which has allowed us to focus on manufacturing and developing. This cohesive relationship is strong, but without the embrace of the farmers we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are fortunate to be able to help producers mitigate a risk in a very risky but desperately needed line of business.”

The most recent honour for IntraGrain follows a successful October that saw the company win an ABEX Award for Innovation. Prior to that, IntraGrain picked up the EY Manufacturing Award in the Entrepreneur of the Year program across the Prairies.

The lofty praise and recognition can only aid in IntraGrain’s rise.

“With growth, you need to be able adapt and have the ability to supply,” Kyle said. “If you can’t supply, you can’t grow.”

IntraGrain weathered humble beginnings. It started as a simple two-person operation with Kyle and his wife Pamela handling the day-to-day operations. Shortly thereafter, they hired two engineers and the team of four not only took control of the development but all played a role in the assembly and marketing as well as the answering of phones and other administrative duties.

Today, IntraGrain employs nearly 40 full-time staff. That rapid growth has the company moving into a larger office space before the end of 2017.

“We don’t want to sit still,” Kyle said. “We want to continually develop innovative products. In order to do that we need to stay focused on R&D and continue to attract the best and brightest individuals in the industry.”

IntraGrain Technologies Inc. invents smart handheld monitor

IntraGrain Technologies Inc. launches BINSENSE® DIRECT at the 2015 Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

View the full press release here.

IntraGrain Featured in SaskTel M2M Commercial

IntraGrain Technologies Inc. was recently featured in a SaskTel commercial. Check out the video on YouTube.