News Release: IntraGrain launches fuel monitoring solution in Ontario

Regina, Sask.— IntraGrain Technologies Inc. has launched its innovative Fuel Lock™ solution in Ontario, helping the province’s farming, transportation and construction business owners use smart technology to monitor and control their fuel tank access.

In 2018, IntraGrain, a Regina-based AgTech solutions provider owned by Calian Group Ltd., expanded its product offering to include Fuel Lock™ — a device that controls fuel tank access with a keypad. Using a PIN system and smartphone app, producers and business owners can track fuel consumption by employee. The system also monitors tank levels and automatically requests refills from the fuel provider as needed.

“Sometimes authorized people take unauthorized amounts of fuel,” said Chuck McConnell, IntraGrain’s Business Development Director. “We’ve had managers contact us to check their records because of an unexpected notification of a fill up. In fact, they were discovering internal theft in real-time. With Fuel Lock™ they have a smart tool to change PINs or end access, and manage the situation.”

IntraGrain offers smart technologies to protect farm assets such as grain and fuel and is now expanding from its western Canadian base to Ontario. Offering a grain storage monitoring system and a fuel tank monitoring device, IntraGrain products incorporate mobile app communications so agricultural producers can stay connected to their farms.

“Between grain in the bins and fuel in the storage tank, there is a lot of value lying around farms,” said McConnell. “When a grain bin’s content is lost to spoilage, that can mean the producer is out of pocket for hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Responding to this challenge, IntraGrain introduced BIN-SENSE® in 2011 – an innovative grain bin monitoring solution that alerts producers to the risk of spoilage caused by heat and moisture. The product gained traction quickly in Western Canada as the first of its kind to incorporate smart technology.

September 10-12, IntraGrain is showcasing its technology solutions at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ont. The company will be promoting Fuel Lock™, which is now available for sale online, while also seeking to establish a dealer network in Ontario.

“For decades, Western Canada has led the world in grain storage monitoring technology,” said McConnell. “Ontario has productive farmland and we’re here to help maximize the value of producers’ assets.”


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IntraGrain Technologies Inc.
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