Secure Your HarvestSECURE YOUR HARVEST® and enjoy peace of mind with the innovation award winning BIN‑SENSE®. BIN-SENSE® was developed to protect the quality and eliminate the risk of stored grain spoilage. Whether your grain bins are steps from your front door, or thousands of miles away, we have your grain storage solution.

Grain monitoring and the storing of grains goes hand in hand to help farmers protect crops from spoilage in the bin. As the need for quality storage for grain increases so does the demand for accurate grain monitoring while keeping grain storage costs low.  BIN-SENSE® provides the most advanced grain management solution of grain storage equipment for the storage of grain. Our easy to use grain bin monitoring system keeps grain storage costs low and yields high.

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Fuel Lock ™

Fuel Lock™ uses a keypad entry system sending power to your pump allowing fuel flow. After you’re finished fueling, it automatically locks afterward in a time increment that you choose. Just punch in your PIN number, fuel up and go. It’s that simple.

Got employees? Get app connectivity with Fuel Lock™ for Business. It keeps track of employee PIN usage via mobile app updating you in real-time by text or email alert.

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The award-winning BIN-SENSE® LIVE system gives you instant access to your stored grain anytime, anywhere.

  • Proven reliability
  • Easy to use 24/7 grain bin monitoring
  • Temperature and moisture sensor cables for grain monitoring
  • Grain level indicator/theft security for your crop storage
  • Text and/or email alerts when changes occur
  • Solar powered with battery backup or optional 115V AC adapter
  • Compatible with existing installed temperature cables and moisture cables
  • No software, contracts or customer care fees keeping grain storage costs low

BIN‑SENSE® Fan Controller

Control your bin fans at the touch of a button with the award-winning BIN-SENSE® Fan Controller. The BIN-SENSE® Fan Controller connects your aeration fans through your BIN-SENSE® LIVE system allowing fans to be controlled remotely from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

A BIN-SENSE fan controller.
  • Turn bin fans on or off or create a timer from your smart phone, tablet or computer
  • Automatic shut off option for vibration
  • Temperature/Humidity sensor monitors intake at the fan

Compatible with all single and three phase certified aeration fans

Image of a BIN‑SENSE Direct, which is wirelessly communicating with a smartphone.


The BIN‑SENSE® DIRECT system is our on-site handheld grain monitoring tool.

  • Transforms your smart phone or tablet into a handheld monitoring solution for the storage of grain
  • iPhone and Android compatible with free download of the BIN-SENSE® APP
  • Connects to your device via Bluetooth or headphone cable
  • This monitoring equipment is used with temperature and moisture sensor cables
  • Compatible with existing sensors, such as OPI Blue, and other crop storage systems’ cables
  • Share data (cloud sync) option for multiple devices
  • Upgrade at any time to BIN-SENSE® LIVE for remote grain storage monitoring
Temp Cable 3b1

BIN‑SENSE® Monitoring Cables

The BIN-SENSE® moisture and temperature monitoring cables are designed for a wide variety of grain storage equipment including flat bottom bins, hopper bottom bins, elevators and other storage containers.

  • Accurate temperature and moisture sensors for grain storage management
  • Innovative swivel head design
  • Centering flange for easy, accurate alignment in the grain bin
  • Designed to fit roof brackets
  • In-field serviceable design on grain bin monitoring cables
  • Available in standard, premium and industrial strength
  • Roof bracket options are available for monitoring cable groups or custom grain storage system installs

Where to Buy

IntraGrain’s award winning BIN‑SENSE® products are available from retailers across the country. Talk to your preferred retailer to learn about our grain storage monitoring solutions or get a quote online today.

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“We decided that we don’t want to take anymore more risk in the future. We want to insure our crop when it is in the bin, just like we insure our crop when it is the growing season so we decided to install the sensors.”

Sharon Measner Holdfast, SK


“Being able to monitor and access my bin data or information anywhere within the province of Saskatchewan or on holidays, taking my cell phone anywhere I go with SaskTel network, has allowed me to safely monitor and manage my bin levels and temperatures and protect the investment we have made throughout the year.”

Beric Haukaas Mortlach, SK

More Testimonials

We were looking for a system to monitor our larger bins as any heating and subsequent quality loss would be devastating.  I wanted a system that was easy to monitor and one that didn’t require me to physically walk to each bin.

BIN-SENSE® LIVE did this and more, especially with the text alerts.  The system was easy to install, and the yearly operating costs are very economical.  I also like the fact that the system is easy to expand if we wish to monitor more bins.

Bart, Stoughton, SK

IntraGrain’s BIN-SENSE® LIVE wireless grain monitoring system is the ‘Lexus’ of the grain monitoring systems.

Not only is the installation quick, but the actual monitoring of the grain in storage could not be any easier.  From the comfort and CONVENIENCE of our home computer or cell phone, grain temps on any given bin are instantly accessed.  We can check every day, or set our notification perimeters and relax, knowing that we will be automatically notified if a problem is brewing.

But that’s only part of why we are so pleased with this Saskatchewan engineered product.

CUSTOMER SERVICE is another major factor.  The few questions/issues we came across were handled within a day, and some even in hours!

Kyle Folk and his team will definitely be getting more of our business.

Shirley, Wishart, SK

After suffering financial loss from grain spoilage, our farm invested in BIN-SENSE® LIVE.

Within the first month of having our system up and running, BIN-SENSE® caught a canola bin that had a hot spot  right in the middle, which we couldn’t have caught using an old thermometer.  Simply put, BIN-SENSE® has saved our farm money and we expect this trend to continue.

Roy, Penzance, SK

We are very enthusiastic about IntraGrain Technologies and share our yard site on their website with everyone who is interested. We feel they provide a very marketable product and extremely good value for our dollar.

We have already saved one bin of wheat and another of canola using BIN-SENSE® LIVE, without it we would have had loss because we wouldn’t have been aware of any problems. We recommend this product to everyone we talk to. We have no doubt that BIN-SENSE® LIVE will add value to any business that stores grain.

Dan & Becky, Landis, SK